Reselling SEO to maximize branding and marketing potential

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Product management is connected to marketing through market selection and maximization. For established businesses, whether it is local store or online store, the product are chosen or created to provide for the needs of the specific group of people. Products therefore carter not just to the specific market but also defines the company or the business. Eventually with the right product, a business is given more value, most especially in the eyes of the consumers. This is the same as how products make the company stronger and vice versa. With the right product, the company improves its value and at the same time, as the company enjoys good market value it sells more products. This is the same with reselling SEO. The ultimate question, when it comes to product management and branding is what business owners want the company to be known for when it comes to the products, in this case the services it offers to the clients and target market. The answer of course is quality services that consumers need, search engine optimization. Therefore by reselling SEO companies are able to build strong brand.

By reselling SEO online businesses that offer technology related services improve its brand for two reasons. First, by reselling SEO the business shows that it is expanding in terms of products, although in this case, it is service. By reselling SEO or by expanding its businesses, its customers will realize that the business is growing. This growth will create better confidence among its customers and they will become more loyal. Second, by reselling SEO, the business will attract more customers, those who are interested in search engine optimization. If the business satisfies these customers, they will get the other services from the business. Why would they hire another business if the one they are satisfied with offers the same service? In other words, reselling SEO also serves as marketing tool.

Of course it is not enough to simply resell SEO. Businesses need to make sure that the SEO service is of high quality, in terms of result and customer relations. If the SEO service is no good enough for the customers, it will reflect on the business or company. Customers will more likely switch to their companies for the SEO and other services they are getting from the business. The key to reselling SEO therefore is to find the right search engine optimization provider to partner with otherwise reselling SEO would be a disastrous decision for the company.

The benefits of offering private label SEO

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Search engine optimization is something that is being taken seriously by businesses since more and more people are now making direct purchases online. For products that are not available online, they consult the websites and use the many social networking sites before making a purchase or contracting services. Search engine optimization or SEO is now becoming quite common among websites because of these trends. Business owners know that they need to optimize their websites in order to become more competitive or to gain the right competitive edge in order to grow in this fast paced economic and globalized business environment.

For the SEO resellers, this actually means more businesses to offer the products. However, it is important for SEO resellers to offer only private label SEO to ensure continuity of business and guaranteed customer satisfaction from the service. Here are some benefits of offering only private label SEO. For the reseller, the private label SEO is the right product to carry since it adds value to the business. For many who already have established companies offering related services, the private label will ensure that the product being offered to the clients are the one that subscribe to the standards of search engines like Google and Yahoo. In this alone, the private label SEO is the best service for all types of companies, from SMEs to big enterprises and corporations because the reseller is guaranteed that the service is of highest standard. Moreover, the private label SEO as opposed to the black label is the service that subscribe to ethical standards of optimization and online business. This shall reflect on the business of the SEO provider and will give more credibility to the kind of service he provides to the customers.

Most importantly, in the long run, as the private label SEO continues to optimize the websites of the clients, the clients ranking will increase in such a way that reflects growth. Although the ranking increases gradually, this only shows that the private label is continuously optimizing the website and that the visitors are the target market of the site itself. Compared with the black label, the private label SEO attracts the right customers and clients because the site is exactly what the customers are looking for. The black label on the other hand uses tricks in optimizing websites, such as hidden texts on the pages, which may initially increase the ranking of the site but will eventually lose customers because that is not really what they are looking for.

What is Private Label SEO

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Private label SEO is another name for white label SEO. Private label SEO means that the reseller sells the search engine optimization services under his own name or brand. In this case, the reseller has great potential of earning significant profit because the private label SEO is offered by the SEO provider or company at very affordable rates. Also, the private label SEO is offered under different packages or programs. These programs allow the reseller to offer the services to his clients at the rate which allows him to be competitive. And since the reseller sells the service under his own name this is very important in providing the specific needs of his clients.

The private label SEO is also another type of SEO reseller program. The other type is the black label or black hat SEO reseller program. What distinguishes the private label SEO from the black label is that this type of SEO reseller program uses ethical and acceptable search engine optimization practices and techniques. This is very different from the black label that uses techniques and practices that are deceitful and highly unethical. For example, the black hat label uses spamdexing in optimizing the websites of their clients. Then there are those that redirect the user to another website when searching for specific keywords. So for example, if the user wants to know dog conditions and types the words dog diseases on the search engine, and then clicks on a website that seems to offer information about dogs, the user will then be directed to another site that sells other products or services. The private label SEO on the other hand uses only acceptable techniques in optimizing websites. One example is the use of informative and useful articles. The big difference between the two is that the techniques of the black label are considered illegal by the major search engines like Google. And since they are not acceptable practices of these search engines in most cases websites found using them are penalized by the search engines like Google. And in some cases websites are even banned by the search engines.

The difference in the techniques is what any reseller should consider since they can make a difference in terms of profit and credibility of the reseller’s brand and name. The bottom line is the satisfaction of the clients and only through private label SEO can a reseller guarantees to his clients.

Private Label SEO Commonly Unknown Facts

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Some people might be more interested in learning about a private label SEO because of the name of it itself even if they do not know too much about it beforehand. Private label SEO just sounds very fancy and trustworthy probably because it has the words private label in it. Even if you did not know the meaning of the abbreviation SEO you might be intrigued by the whole phrase when you see it as private label SEO. You can type it in to your search engine to learn more about it by typing in private label SEO and then looking at all of the different options of information that come out of that search. You will probably get a lot of different results and want to edit your search a bit. Instead of typing in private label SEO into your browser you might want to type in a few words at a time. If you separate the phrase into simpler parts you can learn about them separately from the Internet and then put them together yourself. If you cannot put them together yourself because the terms are just too foreign to you then you will want to look up the actual phrase instead. It might be more helpful to look up the whole phrase but it all really depends on what type of a learner you are. If you are passive learner then that will work for you but if you are an active learner then it might help if you look up the individual parts up first and then put them together yourself. This method makes it a little less likely that you will end up forgetting the meaning in the near future. Since you had to make the connection yourself remembering what one of the parts mean might be able to suffice to remember how you connected it to the other words to make sense of it.

SEO Resellers and You

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If you find yourself a bit lost when it comes to marketing your business online, it might be time to consider the services of SEO resellers. However, before signing any contracts or handing over any dough, you should do a little bit of homework first. While most SEO resellers are wonderful, ethical professionals, there is a contingent that you need to avoid like the plague.

Specifically, you should always and only deal with white label or private label SEO resellers when considering firms to outsource your marketing to. These terms refer to SEO resellers that use only ethical, legal marketing tactics in order to boost your search engine rankings. Some of the tactics that these white label SEO resellers use include submitting your site to search engines, optimizing relevant keywords, copywriting for maximum effect, and using social media to drive hits. These are all perfectly relevant and above board methods that SEO resellers employ the world over, and a good professional should be able to market your business beautifully without crossing any lines.

However, you should never do business with black hat or black label SEO resellers under any circumstances. Black hat tacticians use illegal and unethical methods of driving hits like spamming, using popular but irrelevant keywords, and hiding text to fool search engine indexing robots. It should be noted that search engine algorithms today are quite adept at finding and permanently banning black hat users within hours, so gaming the system with shady SEO resellers is far from worth the damage to your online reputation.

Always make sure that the SEO resellers that you are considering are honest, and are willing to tell you up front exactly how they plan to market your site. They should be happy to answer any questions, and should be able to explain exactly why each of their methods works. If you run into SEO resellers that behave any other way, you should probably avoid them completely.

Why You Should Resell SEO

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Are you interested in the process involved with reselling SEO Services directly to your clients? If this situation sounds familiar regarding beginning to resell SEO packages, you should not hesitate when it comes to entering into this exciting industry.

The first step in being successful when you choose to resell SEO is to develop an understanding of the importance of SEO Services. What are SEO Services? SEO Services, or Search Engine Optimization Services, exist for the sole purpose of improving the search engine ranking of the websites of their clients. Search Engine Optimization Service providers will use methods, such as developing accurate Meta tags, providing clients with an information-rich website, or increasing the amount of keywords appearing on the websites. Through these methods, SEO providers have the ability to effectively improve the search engine ranking of their clients.

What is the significance of an improved search engine ranking? The Internet has quickly become a central part of our society. Many people depend on the Internet in order to complete various tasks throughout the day. Choosing the most delicious restaurant for dinner and finding the most qualified pediatrician for your child are just some of the decisions people make through the use of the Internet. Since people base their decisions upon the information found on the Internet, it is important for a website to be easily accessible to these people when browsing the Internet. When a website has a poor search engine ranking, appearing near the bottom of the results page, people generally will never reach their webpage. Instead, people will visit the webpage of those websites appearing near the top of the results page. This idea illustrates the extreme importance of an improved search engine ranking and the need for SEO Services.

Now that we have developed an understanding of SEO Services, we should delve into the benefits you will reap when you choose to resell SEO. When you begin to resell SEO, you will be entering into an industry that will provide you with an exciting income opportunity. The sky is truly the limit for the amount of income you can generate when you resell SEO packages. Since your income is directly related to the number of SEO packages you are able to sell to your clients, your income is solely dependent on you. When you begin to resell SEO, you will have the freedom to generate as much income as you wish.

Another benefit you will experience when you resell SEO revolves around location. Unlike many jobs, location is not a factor when you decide to resell SEO. Since this is an online-based industry, you will be able to resell SEO packages to clients across the country. When you choose to resell SEO, you will not regret your decision to join this exciting industry.

The American Business Dream

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I awoke today thinking about the American business dream and thought I would put out a few thoughts on the subject. Of course, everything I write is through the lens of selling SEO services. So keep that in mind.

The American Dream is that anyone, no matter what family they are born into or what circumstances, has the opportunity to build a life and achieve a standard of living that is not possible in many parts of the world. Yes, there are many arguments about how easy or hard this is for people in America, based on their socio-economic status. And I accept those points. But if you back up for the broader perspective and look at it from how the entire world sees it, that is less important. The point here is the dream and the reality. Difficult or not, this idea of building your own life style in America is true.

Some people take this further and want not only their own slice of the American Dream, but their own business too. And indeed, I think the founding fathers had this in mind too. Anyone who is willing to take risk and work hard can try their hand in Business. Unlike many parts of the world where this is reserved for the ruling class, or for those who have enough money to bribe their way through the red-tape, in America you need only beat the competition. I would like to think that my ramblings on this blog about the SEO reseller approach is contributing to this dream in some small way.

It is true that you can start an SEO reseller business with relatively low capital. The risk is minimized for you because the people who run the SEO reseller program have all the tools you need to get started. In fact, they want you to succeed. Your sale is their sale, so in a reselling model, you have an instant team. This is a great way to chase the American Dream if you want your own Internet business. But don’t be fooled. Just because you have the opportunity does not mean that success is guaranteed. This is hard work.  While I firmly believe that using an SEO reseller strategy is the way to go for you, I also want you to be prepared to work hard. There is competition and you need to be one step ahead of them to win… That could be pricing, an additional offering, outstanding customer service… Who knows. But whatever it is, be clear on your value proposition, be ready to work hard, and chase your dream.

Why would I resell SEO?

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If you are checking out the SEO reseller space, it may be a natural question to wonder why you would want to resell an SEO product from another company in the first place. I mean, don’t you keep more profit if you just do the search engine optimization work yourself? Well – Yes and no. Here is the breakdown.

It may seem attractive to do all of your client’s search engine optimization work in-house at first. The profit margins are certainly higher because you are not paying a percentage of the profit to the SEO reseller organization. But there are a couple of very serious drawbacks to this approach. Here they are:

1) Your Search Engine Optimization Product Is Not Good: I don’t mean to be blunt, but if you are just starting out in SEO, then what you are doing will not measure up to a well-run, tried-and-true, tested search engine optimization program at a reputable SEO reseller. Seriously. I know you probably think you know some tricks – but get real. These folks have been around the search engine block a few times. They have probably optimized and ranked thousands of terms. They know the keyword spaces for hundreds of industries. And they know what links work, what tactics Google prefers, and what to stay away from. If you just ran out to Barnes and Nobel and bought “SEO For Dummies” and think you can build a real business based on those recommendations, you are wrong.

2) Your Approach Will Not Scale: Let’s say I am actually wrong on #1, and what you do is actually BETTER than what you would get from the SEO reseller program you are thinking of joining. Okay. I’m open to that. And for a few of you reading this, that may be true. Perhaps you really do bring greater care and focus to your search engine optimization. Perhaps you have found a couple great secret linking places. Fine. I am willing to concede that point for a few of you. But now try to scale those activities up from the one or two clients you current have (or your own websites) to several hundred clients.  Yes – This one is a killer. As you look in to the future and you see a thriving SEO business that brings you great free cash-flow, you will undoubtedly see many, many clients in your portfolio.  This is where many small-shop approaches to SEO break down, and where – again – the SEO reseller strategy really shows promise. They have figured out the scale issue. And don’t underestimate this.

In summary – You know my preference is that new players in the search engine optimization space consider reselling SEO before they try to build a quality product themselves. There is always time to bring this activity back in-house later. But if you fail to sell, or build an inferior product, you may not recover.

Learning great SEO reseller tips

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People searching for the perfect SEO reseller program are all looking for great tips. They want to know where the best Search engine optimization product is. Who is selling it? Can I resell it? They view this as if the product is 100% of what makes the sale possible. But I have a great SEO reseller tip for you: While the product is important, your ability to sell SEO is more important. That’s right, you can take an average product and sell it too. Sure, it might be a little more work, but the point I’m trying to make here is that if you want to be in the search engine optimization world, you need to examine your fortitude for relentless selling. Allow me to explain.

The SEO space is way more competitive than people think. There are many, and I hope you are not one of them, who think they can walk into search engine optimization and just start selling the product. Perhaps some people can, but I have not met many. Instead, I’ve met many people who think they can join an SEO reseller program and ramp up big bucks fast. But a funny things happens as I track these people. They don’t pull of what they say they can do. In other words, there is a huge amount of talk. For a good article on this topic, see this post.

I know this is true in every industry, but I live in the SEO world, so I guess this is what I see. And I can’t help but think that the SEO resellers I talk to seem particularly confident. I guess this stems from how new the SEO reseller game really is. Perhaps they think they have an edge because this industry is new. And the buyer is fairly confused about the product too. But that actually makes high quality SEO harder to sell, not easier.

So in the end, my biggest tip is that you need to know yourself as you try to sell SEO. I’m not saying don’t do it. To the contrary, I would encourage people to get into this exciting space. But as you sign up for your first SEO reseller program, go in with eyes open and full understanding of what will be required on your part. See also here.

Hello SEO Resellers

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Welcome to my SEO reseller program website. You are here to make money. Am I wrong? I know. You have gotten interested in SEO. Perhaps you tried to do it yourself. My guess is that it was harder than you thought. Perhaps you pushed a website to the first page of Google, maybe even position 1 on page 1. But then what? Nothing happened!!! What? Well, then you realized that nobody searches on this keyword. I know. We’ve all had the disappointment. So then you learned a bit about keyword research and decided to give it another run. Then what? You couldn’t rank!!!  Yes – People know where the money is in SEO. And they have been at since 1998….

Now what?

Now an SEO reseller program with a company that can really dedicate the time and consistency required to make great ranking happen. This is not what you want to be doing all day. So outsource it. There are great SEO reseller programs around that can do the delivery work for you while remaining completely invisible to your client. Sound good? Read on.