SEO Resellers Can Be a Vital Asset in the Business Environment of Today

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Considering the fact that, in 2011, eCommerce sales accounted for over $200 billion, it is important for businesses looking to expand to have a strong web presence. More often than not, this will include a strong SEO campaign. For some, that means assigning in house employees to do the work, while others will depend on reselling SEO. Since 39 percent of customers come from search, according to online service providers and retailers, reselling SEO and taking advantage of the experts that firms who do so have is a great option.

There is not one Seo reseller program that is right for every business because all have different needs. However, any business who decides that reselling SEO is the right option for them, will be able to take advantage of the fact that online experiences start with the use of a search engine a whopping 93 percent of the time. Reselling SEO is also likely to include strategies that generate natural search results, since 79 percent of search engine users say they almost always click on them, and 80 percent of users say that they click on sponsored search results rarely or never. Taking advantage of those statistics by reselling SEO is a great way for a business to build site traffic and increase its customer base.

As technology continues to improve, the amount of people using mobile devices to search and shop continues to increase. This means that when reselling SEO, businesses must be aware of how their mobile presence functions. Of all smartphone owners, 64 percent use their mobile devices to shop online, so there is a huge market of mobile users that businesses would do well to try to target. Having a great plan that involves reselling SEO and a web design that is optimized for mobile use might be the best way to do so.

Building a great web presence is one of the best ways for businesses to attract new customers in the business environment of today. For some companies, that means reselling SEO in order to take advantage of how often search engines are utilized by web users. If done properly, reselling SEO can yield tremendous results in terms of site traffic and, in turn, sales for a business and is therefore a great option for any that is looking to expand and build a larger, more loyal, customer base. Helpful links.