How Search Engines Have a Huge Effect on Businesses

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In the past, many companies thought that simply having a website was enough to take advantage of the internet. However, the internet is changing and so are customers’ habits. For example, today, almost half of customers with mobile devices are using those devices to look up reviews of products and services and to find promotions. The majority of mobile internet users are also utilizing their mobile devices to seek out local businesses and make purchases.

Another change is that most customers will start researching a product or service on the internet by utilizing a search engine rather than by visiting a company’s website or asking on social media. Because most people will not look past the first page of search results, how high a company’s website ranks in those results plays a huge role in whether people will visit their site and buy their products.

This simple fact of internet marketing
has given rise a specialty called SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. By understanding how search engines work, SEO techniques allow companies to boost their ranking in search results. Higher ranking in search results means more customers visiting a company’s website and more exposure for that company. SEO is also a cheaper means of marketing compared to other methods like cold calling.

The key to SEO is understanding how search engines work. In the past, SEO was fairly easy because search engines were not sophisticated enough to realize when they were being manipulated. Today, popular search engines, like Google, are harder to manipulate. Google, for example, uses a complex algorithm called “PageRank,” named for Larry Page, co-founder of Google, to rank pages based on how relevant Google feels they are to the keywords searched by the user.

Searching the internet is a good way to find SEO tools and SEO news that companies can use to help increase their presence on the internet. There are many websites and SEO blogs that focus on the latest SEO news. If you do not want to bother, or simply do not have the time or expertise, to read through the latest SEO news, there are specialized SEO companies. These companies have the resources and expertise to help businesses of all sizes utilize the internet better.

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