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Boost Your Internet Marketing Plan To Obtain New Business

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Did you know that over ninety percent of adults in the United States perform at least one internet search per day? While many of these internet searches can be attributed to the search for academic information, many individuals utilize the internet to assist them in researching new products or services that they are interested in purchasing. If you are a business owner, whether large or small, what does this mean for you? Regardless of the types of marketing you are currently using, you may want to consider boosting your internet marketing plan. There are various aspects to internet marketing that can help make a significant difference in the amount of business that your company experiences, including search engine ranking and search engine optimization. If you are curious to learn more about these popular forms of online marketing, there are multiple resources you can check out.

Whether individuals utilize Google, Bing, or other type of search engine, over one hundred billion global searches are conducted every month through the World Wide Web. This means that if you are currently operating a business website, competition can be fierce. As such, it is important to utilize various forms of internet marketing to assist you in increasing your web traffic each month. For example, if you are not currently using social media to help market your products and services, you could be missing out on new business. In some cases, this can be a considerable amount. Studies show that over eighty five percent of internet users in the United States over the age of fourteen browsed and researched products online in 2012 alone. Additionally, nearly forty percent of these individuals followed up with their research using social media websites, where they could request more information before completing their purchases. Knowing these facts, you should ensure that social media utilization is a steadfast aspect to your internet marketing plan.

Another significant aspect to internet marketing refers to a company search engine position. When individuals utilize internet searches, it is likely that they will visit direct links that appear at the top of their internet search results page. This “PageRank” algorithm process is named for Larry Page, who is a cofounder of Google. Your company can help influence its page rank and the amount of web traffic related to it by researching tactics such as search engine optimization, or SEO, which is immensely popular.

Why Google is the Mother of All Search Engines

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How has Google mastered the art of capturing 65 to 70 percent of the world’s Internet search engine marketing share? First off, the company was the first to create the algorithms so commonly in use by other search engines today. Secondly, it literally paved a clear path for others to follow by doing it the right way the very first time around. The company had its own successes and failures along the way, but its leaders kept going to find out which technologies are best for today’s top search engines.

And who these days does not use Google rankings to gather more information on anything and everything possible? The company had it right when it was developing these algorithms, skewing differently from what everyone else was doing, and it still does so today both within its algorithms and outside its campus, where instead of lawn mowers and landscapers clearing the grass outside there are rented goats from a nearby grazing business. Since its inception, this innovative business has clearly defined how people use Internet marketing, and more specifically, search engine optimization, to drive results.

What the company knows about search engine rankings could fill a book. It probably has already too. So what does Google know that others perhaps do not or that they are just coming around to? Primarily, the company is well aware that organic click through will generate a 25 percent higher conversion rate than any equivalent click through for a pay per click system. It also knows that people are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to look up everything online, from reading product reviews to making purchases. The company is knowledgeable of the fact that 48 percent of cell phone users will look up these product reviews on their phones or to seek out promotions, while 65 percent of these users will use their devices to find local businesses and make purchases.

Of course, Google does not know everything there is to know about search engines just yet, even though it is the main search engine people turn to when they want to know more about something. However, just as it did before, the company’s employees are working hard at developing new algorithms, analyzing current processes and making tomorrow’s search engines even stronger than the ones found today. Through consistently working to reinvent itself and do better, the company has been able to serve as the consummate leader in search engines, a place it probably will stay for quite some time.