What is a private label SEO

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There are actually two types of SEO programs, the black label and the white label SEO or private label SEO programs. Although both can optimize websites, thereby getting higher ranking and increasing its traffic, there is a big difference between the two. Choosing one from another can make or break a website. So it is important for any website owner to understand the difference between the two. The private label SEO or the white label SEO and the black label SEO are the techniques and methods SEO providers use in optimizing the site of their clients. Generally, the SEO provider will offer either the black label SEO or the private label SEO and never both. Website owners should first and foremost ask the SEO provider if they are selling private label SEO or black label SEO.

A private label SEO, unlike the black label SEO, uses only the techniques and methods that are acceptable by search engines in optimizing the sites of their clients. These techniques involve crating the right content for the website, making all the necessary changes in the design of the site and other techniques that actually make the websites easy to use for the web users. In other words, the private label SEO are the right techniques that make the website better and better over time. So when search engines, such as Google, ranks the sites those sites that used private label SEO will get higher ranking.

In comparison, the black label on the other hand uses techniques and methods that are not allowed by the search engines. One example is when the site redirects the user to another site that is not exactly what he is looking for and what he expected when he clicked it on the list. Search engines continuously assess sites and eventually catch these websites and ban them from the search engine. For the website owner this would mean not just getting another SEO provider but another site. The business disruption would mean loss of profit and opportunity loss. It would also mean losing the clients who are already used to getting their goods and services from the site.

Website owners should therefore make sure to hire only the private label SEO providers. The private label SEO providers do not use tricks so the sites are optimized gradually. This is also an advantage to the business because this would allow it to provide for the needs of its increasing clientele over time, such as being able to accommodate increased orders.

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