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What is Private Label SEO

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Private label SEO is another name for white label SEO. Private label SEO means that the reseller sells the search engine optimization services under his own name or brand. In this case, the reseller has great potential of earning significant profit because the private label SEO is offered by the SEO provider or company at very affordable rates. Also, the private label SEO is offered under different packages or programs. These programs allow the reseller to offer the services to his clients at the rate which allows him to be competitive. And since the reseller sells the service under his own name this is very important in providing the specific needs of his clients.

The private label SEO is also another type of SEO reseller program. The other type is the black label or black hat SEO reseller program. What distinguishes the private label SEO from the black label is that this type of SEO reseller program uses ethical and acceptable search engine optimization practices and techniques. This is very different from the black label that uses techniques and practices that are deceitful and highly unethical. For example, the black hat label uses spamdexing in optimizing the websites of their clients. Then there are those that redirect the user to another website when searching for specific keywords. So for example, if the user wants to know dog conditions and types the words dog diseases on the search engine, and then clicks on a website that seems to offer information about dogs, the user will then be directed to another site that sells other products or services. The private label SEO on the other hand uses only acceptable techniques in optimizing websites. One example is the use of informative and useful articles. The big difference between the two is that the techniques of the black label are considered illegal by the major search engines like Google. And since they are not acceptable practices of these search engines in most cases websites found using them are penalized by the search engines like Google. And in some cases websites are even banned by the search engines.

The difference in the techniques is what any reseller should consider since they can make a difference in terms of profit and credibility of the reseller’s brand and name. The bottom line is the satisfaction of the clients and only through private label SEO can a reseller guarantees to his clients.

Maybe It is Time to Give SEO Reseller Programs a Try

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You have probably heard of seo reseller programs and maybe even wondered if they are right for you and if it is a field worth getting into. Well, it may be time to stop just wondering and find out for sure what the seo reseller programs are all about and if it is a worthwhile venture for you. You may find that the seo reseller programs can be quite lucrative if you choose the seo company carefully and approach the program in the correct manner.

First, we will start with a quick overview of what seo reseller programs are in case you are not familiar. Seo reseller programs are just what their name implies, a person contracts with a seo company to buy seo services for their clients and then resells the seo to their clients at a rate determined by them. It is as simple and easy as that. What seo reseller programs do is allow the small businessperson to offer high quality seo services to their clients without having to hire their own in house seo staff.

The best thing about the programs is that you do not have to know very much about seo itself to be successful at it. All that is required of you is that you have some form of sales ability because you will have to sell your clients on the seo you are buying. Therefore, you have to be able to convince them that they do need the service and yes, they need to buy it from you. If you have the gift of gab, then looking into seo reseller programs further may be something that can work for you. The best way to get into the field is to contact a few of the more reputable seo companies offering seo reseller programs and find out what each individual company offers for what price and decide which program best suits your needs.