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If you find yourself a bit lost when it comes to marketing your business online, it might be time to consider the services of SEO resellers. However, before signing any contracts or handing over any dough, you should do a little bit of homework first. While most SEO resellers are wonderful, ethical professionals, there is a contingent that you need to avoid like the plague.

Specifically, you should always and only deal with white label or private label SEO resellers when considering firms to outsource your marketing to. These terms refer to SEO resellers that use only ethical, legal marketing tactics in order to boost your search engine rankings. Some of the tactics that these white label SEO resellers use include submitting your site to search engines, optimizing relevant keywords, copywriting for maximum effect, and using social media to drive hits. These are all perfectly relevant and above board methods that SEO resellers employ the world over, and a good professional should be able to market your business beautifully without crossing any lines.

However, you should never do business with black hat or black label SEO resellers under any circumstances. Black hat tacticians use illegal and unethical methods of driving hits like spamming, using popular but irrelevant keywords, and hiding text to fool search engine indexing robots. It should be noted that search engine algorithms today are quite adept at finding and permanently banning black hat users within hours, so gaming the system with shady SEO resellers is far from worth the damage to your online reputation.

Always make sure that the SEO resellers that you are considering are honest, and are willing to tell you up front exactly how they plan to market your site. They should be happy to answer any questions, and should be able to explain exactly why each of their methods works. If you run into SEO resellers that behave any other way, you should probably avoid them completely.

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