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Set Up Additional Income Streams With An SEO Reseller Program

Written by SEO Reseller on . Posted in Private label SEO, Resell SEO, White label SEO

If you are trying to make a little extra money online, you have no doubt explored several different options, and if you are at all aware of the number of schemes and scams found in many of these different options, then you are probably very skeptical of money making methods that present themselves as the newest way to make a buck on the internet. There are paid survey sites that pay you in points rather than cash, and never accumulate enough points to actually be converted into cash; there are advertising sites that set impossibly high withdrawal limits that most website operators will never be able to attain; and there are affiliate marketing programs that pay vanishingly small commissions on even the largest and most profitable (to the company) sales. An SEO reseller program is the newest method to make money online that has become popular in recent years, piggybacking on the recent popularity of search engine optimization, or SEO, as a whole. While I can not say that every SEO reseller program is on the up and up, I can tell you that as a whole, the idea of the SEO reseller program is sound.

An SEO reseller program functions much in the same way than an affiliate marketer program does. Under an affiliate marketer program, you refer customers to a website that sells a product, and earn a commission on any items bought by the customers that you refer to the company selling the goods. Under an SEO reseller program, you also act as a middle man, like you do in an affiliate marketer program; the only difference, really, is that you are referring customers to a company that sells a service rather than a physical good, namely, search engine optimization services such as keyword analysis and link building. Making money with an SEO reseller program is an especially viable option if you already work in an internet business; for example, web designers stand to make quite a bit of money through an SEO reseller program because they have access to a long list of clients who all operate websites, and therefore it is a safe bet that nearly all, if not every single one, of the clients you deal with are interested in search engine optimization services. Most people and companies who operate websites are constantly trying to increase their website’s ranking on the various search engine results pages, so when you work under an SEO reseller program, you can refer your clients to the SEO firm you work for and earn a commission off of any services purchased by the clients you refer.