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Earn Extra Income When You Resell SEO Services

Written by SEO Reseller on . Posted in Private label SEO, White label SEO

If you are already in the internet business, such as web design or copywriting, and you have a long list of clients who operate websites, you stand to make quite a bit of profit if you diversify your business to resell SEO. The SEO, or search engine optimization market, has exploded in popularity in recent years, and the amount of money that stands to be made by providing SEO services to customers is enormous. Because search engine optimization has been pretty popular for a few years now, it is difficult to get your foot in the door if you are looking to start an SEO firm; it is much easier to turn a profit if you resell SEO. When you resell SEO, you use your connections and existing relationship with customers to resell SEO services provided by a larger, more established SEO firm to your clients.

When you resell SEO, you do not actually perform any search engine optimization work yourself. All of the SEO work, such as keyword analysis and link building, is done by the larger SEO firm that you work as an affiliate for. Your role as an SEO reseller is to make the connection between the larger SEO firm and the customer, and earn profit by bringing the two together in a business relationship.

SEO reselling, also known as private label SEO and white label SEO, works much like affiliate sales do. Just as a website operator may have an affiliate relationship with a website, and earn a portion of profits from sales made using links on their websites, you can earn a portion of the profits made from search engine optimization when you resell SEO. Some SEO reselling programs allow you to mark up the SEO services as much as you would like, so that you can earn whatever profit you are capable of reselling; others pay the reseller a flat rate or a type of commission on each sale. Whatever SEO firm you choose to work with, and whatever their business model may be, you stand to earn quite a bit of money when you resell SEO to your existing customers.