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The American Business Dream

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I awoke today thinking about the American business dream and thought I would put out a few thoughts on the subject. Of course, everything I write is through the lens of selling SEO services. So keep that in mind.

The American Dream is that anyone, no matter what family they are born into or what circumstances, has the opportunity to build a life and achieve a standard of living that is not possible in many parts of the world. Yes, there are many arguments about how easy or hard this is for people in America, based on their socio-economic status. And I accept those points. But if you back up for the broader perspective and look at it from how the entire world sees it, that is less important. The point here is the dream and the reality. Difficult or not, this idea of building your own life style in America is true.

Some people take this further and want not only their own slice of the American Dream, but their own business too. And indeed, I think the founding fathers had this in mind too. Anyone who is willing to take risk and work hard can try their hand in Business. Unlike many parts of the world where this is reserved for the ruling class, or for those who have enough money to bribe their way through the red-tape, in America you need only beat the competition. I would like to think that my ramblings on this blog about the SEO reseller approach is contributing to this dream in some small way.

It is true that you can start an SEO reseller business with relatively low capital. The risk is minimized for you because the people who run the SEO reseller program have all the tools you need to get started. In fact, they want you to succeed. Your sale is their sale, so in a reselling model, you have an instant team. This is a great way to chase the American Dream if you want your own Internet business. But don’t be fooled. Just because you have the opportunity does not mean that success is guaranteed. This is hard work.  While I firmly believe that using an SEO reseller strategy is the way to go for you, I also want you to be prepared to work hard. There is competition and you need to be one step ahead of them to win… That could be pricing, an additional offering, outstanding customer service… Who knows. But whatever it is, be clear on your value proposition, be ready to work hard, and chase your dream.