How to find a great SEO reseller program

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What should you look for in an SEO reseller program when you are searching for a partner to work with? There are many things you should be aware of when doing this. The first is that you should not be in a rush. The worst thing is to grab the first reselling opportunity you hit. Why? Because this is a company you are likely to be doing business with for a long time. And your customer satisfaction is riding on how well they do the work. This is pretty darn important. Not just in search engine optimization, but anything. So do your homework.

Don’t trust any SEO reseller program you can’t contact easily. When things go wrong, do you want a mysterious company in India with no phone number? I don’t think so. Sure, these options may be cheaper, but that’s not something to build a meaningful business around. Seriously. And use your common sense.

Don’t select an SEO reseller program from a company that doesn’t rank themselves. You want to see pictures on the website, a phone number to reach live people, and page 1 results for themselves. This tells you they apply their own approaches to themselves. This is a good sign. Otherwise, question why they don’t rank. Perhaps it doesn’t work.

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